Wednesday, May 19, 2010

dynamical devil

The dryline bulge is in western Oklahoma somewhat removed from the 500 hPa frontal zone as seen in water vapor imagery. However the circulation about this front has resulted (or speculated to have resulted in a narrow moist tongue over the proximate location of the dryline in OK.

I expect CI to be imminent, and perusal of vis sat imagery confirms the presence of a cumulus field in western OK. Not sure if the remnant outflow boundary is really a front or if the nocturnal MCS simply cooled and clouded over the northern portion of the front. Thus, not sure if this front is very active....or if it will truly be a focus for CI.

Vis imagery wave clouds would indicate that it is still relatively stable in Central and southern OK.

First echos on the dryline at 18:56 strengthened by 19:14 UTC. Looks like convection is right on time.