Monday, May 10, 2010

Big cities under the gun

Wichita and Oklahoma city are under tornado warnings and basically in between. A number of large tornado reports have come out, amidst the very brief 30s to 3 minute variety. The supercells have shown all kinds of high shear characteristics today.

The most crazy is a left mover split that eventually produced tornado warnings in kansas off the woodward storm. It crept in behind another storm, and then that one went tornadic as well. The woodward or likely a variant of it, because it merged with at least two other storms (of linear shape and very weak reflectivity speaking).

and the reports are coming out fast. You actually have to wonder what the impact of having a great weather dept. at OU has done for safety in Oklahoma. If there are storms you can bet like 30-60 chasers will be out combing the plains for tornados, and some of them will be relaying information back to the NWS. This doesnt prevent damage, but it should make people more aware of tornados and there warnings.