Monday, May 10, 2010

1st big storm went up by DDC in advance of the dryline along a cloud street. ci took 20-25 minutes. appears to have a second storm on its flank over the same initiation area. This area is where the winds have stayed from the southeast with dew points near 61 in DDC.

Storms that were ongoing associated with the low actually became tor warned first. DDC storms and initiation zippered along the dryline south still not doing much.

Cumulus cloud field sprang up in OK in apparent advance of the dryline where temperatures have gotten to 90 F with dew points into 20's. The structure of the cloud fields kind of resembles the model bulges in dryline position especially the NCAR ARW run from 00 UTC last night valid at 18 UTC. Indeed the OKMESONET says the dryline is in OK...what a surge that was...but probably not given the station spacing down there.

Northeast storm motion on these initial cells especially down into the woodward region. I am starting to think that a round 2 may be likely as the drying evident in water vapor imagery over the western TX panhandle increases and indicates that is the base of the shortwave trough. in advance of this feature is a secondary line of moisture evident on vis imagery which I believed to be part of the main dryline, but it may behind the surface dryline and may overtake the dryline in a few hours. This paradigm indicates a 2nd bout of CI as the forcing coincides with the dryline boundary...I am out on a limb here.