Monday, May 10, 2010

and the tornado warnings come out

Couple of reported tornados in what looks like a set of massive circular blobs which was the most continuous feature associated with the shortwave trough.

DDC initial storm just got its act together. Possible hook and strong rotation noted on radar. It appeared the evolution of such storms were very typical of high shear environments ... stretched out along the mean wind until repeated bouts of deep convection upshear culminated in protecting the storm.

This is also the case for the woodward storm though it got going later and split with the left mover not moving very far off yet. The main tornadic portion of the cell appeared to be linear! it now has a kidney bean shape with reflectivity over 65.

Situation is still somewhat chaotic between these two nice storms. no warnings and there appears to be no organization with them which is strange.

Dew points up to 68-70 in OK just west and south of OKC. Despite that the storms south of the woddward storm just cant get going. They are struggling. would love to see the sounding from OUN, as there might be a stronger cap in place which would protect OUN till later tonight.

FWD sounding was strongly capped. so was DDC though I will have to review the radar data at 1715 to see which air mass was being sampled, environment of low level storm.

Nice outflow in CO.