Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Then and now

I was watching the show Greensberg (so named after the tornado wiped Greensberg KS off the map). They had a unique opportunity to rebuild from scratch ... truly relearning what they needed to do to survive not only a tragedy but the future. How do you maintain that level of community?

The one thing I find both good and bad about our society is how BIG and powerful corporations are. The bad things are that they are so BIG that they cant collapse. They cannot be replaced by another and thus there policies, practices, and power live as a seperate entity no matter who is in control.

Funny because this is exactly what drives our government. You cant replace these people, they are brought into the ranks, taught to play the games, and perpetuate the entity.

This is what seperates the late 30's early 40's generation from us. We are inheriting the vision of another generation no matter how distorted that original vision has become.

Without the tornado's to clear out the old and bring in the new (at least for BIG companies) there is a good chance that America's jobs will continue to be lost elsewhere. We dont need more startups, we need more startups that have an eye towards being green, solving problems, and providing good jobs. Maybe there is too much altruism in me, but with a population explosion, a global marketplace, and increasing wealth for the top 5 percent of the world and reduced wealth for the middle 40 percent, our current problems will only get worse.

The downfall of all previous empires has been the inability to stand with each other in times of desperation. WWII era Americans did it. The Romans couldnt handle it, the aztecs couldnt survive. The next few generations will have to deal with global climate change on top of reduced clean water and increasing weather severity (drought and floods; severe weather; hurricanes). I have even started on terrorism but that just takes advantage of the despair and will only add to the stress.

I am biased but SCI & TECH may be the only way to intelligently utilize our power for good job generation, problem solving, and being much more green. We can all start by removing our dependence on OIL. I dont care where it comes from. It will run out. Why are we so slow in moving away. 1979. 30 years. we should be driving electric cars en masse. we should be selling them to other countries. The state of Michigan might be better off if that were the case. The car companies need more rapid vision. Where is the next Tucker?