Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tornado's in Iowa

Parkersburg, IA is gone. No doubt the damage was on the scale of devastating or EF4-EF5. I heard ten minutes was the lead time. Sometimes lead time is the difference between saved and lost lives. Sometimes there is simply nothing you can hope for besides a strong storm shelter underground.

The pictures reminded of Spencer, SD 1998 and others commented it was like Greensburg, KS 2007. Either way, I hope the folks in Parkersburg can get some help to rebuild safer just like Greensburg. Go green with a few cubic feet of storm shelter concrete.

Incredible the number of tornado's reported this year, especially given the relative lack of May-June tornado's in the last few years. No doubt the early season tornado's really ramp up the totals, but when this last wave is added to the count, the totals will continue to be impressive.

Wish I could be out there watching some of these supercells, but the IEM webcams are keeping me on the perpetual (not-so) virtual chase. Nice way to save on fuel, but it lacks the adrenaline, the thrill of forecasting and chasing down a supercell with a tornado warning.