Tuesday, May 27, 2008

split supercell

The Iowa Environmental Mesonet via Daryl Herzman (and Ray Arritt) has been doing phenomenal work in data collection for Iowa. one of these ventures has been to cooperate with the local (and not so local) TV stations to acquire web cam movies, 1 minute schoolnet data, 1 minute awos data, and a whole host of other data (GIS included). Anyhow, Daryl has control of the cameras and has some great time lapse of all kinds of convection, gravity waves or bores (wait for that publication!), tornado's, and now a stunning movie of a splitting supercell.


Its one thin to watch the base of a supercell and slowly realize the precip. shield has seperated, but its another to be behind the storm and watch the overshooting updraft for a spell, and then notice that another updraft forms to the side. Then the two updrafts split apart and two storms emerge. Truly amazing. If anything needs to be shown in current meteorology classes (beginning met included) its the collection of web cam lapses that Daryl has amassed.