Sunday, June 7, 2015

HWT EFP 2015 & recent past

The 2015 HWT Experimental Forecast Program just ended. We didnt have much opportunity to wander the country like we did in the quiet year of 2014, but it looked amazingly like 2013. Here is a brief comparison:

Here is where we operated by centerpoint in 2013:

 and 2015:

Gray bars are some of the events of interest (e.g. killer tornados, sig tors, or tornadoes that hit Norman). You never know where the weather will take you but for those that came here to participate there was some interesting weather every week, though some of the bigger days occurred over the weekend.
 We never had a really big report day this year. In fact we really lacked a widespread outbreak day.  Wind reports were hard to come by, but it sure did rain. It seemed no matter where it rained daily rainfall topped 3-4". At least that was my perception. That led to  a number of flash flood events, so I guess I need to find a way to document that.