Monday, December 31, 2012

Gun Control

I don't wish to rehash too much of the nonsense I have read. I have some things to say:

1. I believe in gun control.
I don't think you need a weapons arsenal or cache for personal protection. I don't think you need assault weapons or a large collection of ammunition.  I also believe in gun safes, trigger locks, and modifications to safe your weapons when not in use (so they cant be used immediately). You can hunt, shoot targets, etc as you wish but I hope you will be careful with your weapons.

2. If you have weapons, and you assert you need them for any reason what so ever, you should be properly trained and screened. The personal responsibility clause is in effect. If you plan to arm yourself you better be prepared to take a life, whether you pull the trigger, or someone else with access to your weapons does.  This also means preparing to be incarcerated.

3. Third party sales without tracking seems like a bad idea.

4. There should be less guns. There should be less bullets. There should be less bullets per clip. 6 is sufficient. If you have more than 5 problems, a gun cant help you.

5. Little kids shouldn't be training for lock downs. Little kids shouldn't be discussing people who have guns near schools. Little kids should not be burying their friends.  Anywhere.

6. Teachers with guns or gun training? We have that ... its called basic training. 

I advocate for this kind of gun control.