Monday, July 5, 2010

Updated: MCS

Here is the update of the MCSs that occurred over the last 5 weeks (May 28 - July 4) at 0645 UTC:
If I counted correctly, something like 26 systems (of various sizes) over that span,
not including multiple MCS events, or the fact that multiple systems could be identified on radar under one cloud shield.

The precipitation anomaly for the last 30 days still indicate 8" swaths from NE through IA. Lets recall the radical flooding in OK City on 14-15 June (which also has their 30 day anomaly above 5"). KS also participated in the events but it was much less a focus for extreme  precipitation totals.

60 day anomalies were significantly less revealing the reduced May rainfall in Ia, NE and northern KS.

Compared to 2008 and 2009, June 2010 was literally the summation of the last two Junes. In 2008, 8" anomalies were common in IA and northern MO and a small part of eastern KS. In 2009, 8" anomalies were common in western NE and a sliver in KS, NE and MO (1 small corridor). 2006 and 2007 were very different from these last 3 years, but 2005 was similar to 2009.

Iowa is currently in flood mode with 35 of 99 counties under some kind flood watch or warning. Interestingly, the Iowa Environmental Mesonet reported that DSM had 22 days of measurable rain and more is on the way this week. up until the 22nd the IEM reported the highest mixing ratio average for the state since 1902!