Friday, April 30, 2010

Can't get enough

I took my eyes off the weather today and BAM! night time tornado's abound.

Quick off the cuff impressions and analysis:
1. I am utterly impressed but not that surprised that the sounding structures observed from FWD, LIT, SHV, LCH, SGF changed so little with respect to the moisture and degree of saturation, and height of the inversion. The soundings appeared to be tropical like... with near saturation to 700 hPa.

2. infrared satellite loop over the last few hours indicate Convective Initiation along multiple parallel boundaries (presumed boundaries). The cloud fields developed on the individual cells perpendicular to the flow (like transverse bands). They slammed into the main cloud mass as they moved northeast. Early cells did not survive individually. All appear to be training with common initiation areas in bursts. This was prevalent 20-23:59 UTC.

Nice case to model I would bet. 5-1-10 0000 UTC.