Saturday, December 12, 2009

Interesting quote

I heard a quote and it jumped out at me, partly because I have a similar philosophy basedon seemingly random yet intricate principles. The quote was something like ... 'believe in free-will and destiny'.

Destiny to me can be summed up via mathematics. There are some problems, like integration of a circle or circuit, where no matter which direction you choose, you end up with the same answer leads you to the same place (the assumption being you know how to solve this problem!)

The other concept is that of initial value problems, where the initial state largely determines the outcome given a certain set of physical laws. While the laws may not change, the initial condition can thus influence the outcome. Naturally, destiny can thus be thought of as a positive or a negative, given your initial circumstances.

My view makes this quote more understandable: "There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path". The struggles we have in life can always be boiled down to this. We might know what to do, but we still have to do it. Likewise, it is important to know what your doing when you are doing it (even if we don't understand all choices we made to get here).