Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Large Hadron Collider

Pretty awesome machine. I am excited to see what kind of discoveries will be made in the next decade. Who knows. Maybe what they learn about the early universe, quantum physics, etc. will help the world out.

I havent done too much research on the subject but I hope to do so soon. I just heard the collider is broken till spring 2009. I am patient. Lofty science projects funded at 8 Billion will turn out good science. The only real question is how US scientists will capitalize, bring home the knowledge, and train the next generation of physicists. It may be delayed but in my opinion this is one of those projects where two things can happen:
1. Physicist boom both in terms of people and investments (private and public),
2. Bust in the form of longer time till discovery.

I am sure all the nanatechnology people are eager to hear whats going on. Plus all the computer scientists will need to invent new stuff to handle not only the data, but its visualization and analysis. This latter part will fuel discovery in other areas.